Bruneia Banga

Bruneia- Binga - the supreme feast of creation and it falls in March, which is the memory of creation and the formation of the worlds of light and the first etheric spirits.  The five (white days) are the secrets of the holy beginning and the dawn of the first life created by the great neighborhood , Mandaeanism, or the Sabian religion, or the Sabean-Mandaean religion is a religion that believes that Yahya bin Zakaria is their prophet, and they claim and window the first and oldest religions and laws , They follow the prophets of God Adam, Seth, Idris, Noah, Sam bin Noah, Yahya bin Zakaria and Palestine, and some of its followers are in Iraq, and there is also a presence in Al-Ahwaz for Serran. Many Sabean-Mandaeans trace back to an ancient Iraqi Aramaic people whose language is the Eastern Aramaic language, which is heavily influenced by Akkadian.  They settled in central Iraq, especially the area extending from Baghdad and Samarra from the Tigris area , Their center is in the governorate of Baghdad in addition to their presence in the majority of the Iraqi governorates, Amara, Basra, Nasiriyah, Kut, Diyala, and Diwaniyah, in addition to their presence in the city of Ahwaz and Muhammarah in Iran, and with political events and their exposure to theft, murder and injustice, the region for the last fifteen years, the Sabean Mandaeans have been forced to immigrate to the country in Europe and America, and publications  And the publications, with their new gatherings, they formed associations that take care of their affairs and are trying hard to date, to preserve their heritage They numbered almost 70 people in the world, March 16 ,2021.