Karrar Nasser, born in Baghdad in 1993,  is a documentary photographer, cinematography director and a member of the  Iraqi  Photographers association, I started photography and filmmaking in 2016 and participated in many workshops in Iraq, I participated in filmmaking workshops in Baghdad, participated in photographic exhibitions and received many local and international awards. I  have documented many events in Iraq and  I was interested in documenting people’s lives and in discovering the ethnical differences and the cultural and natural identity in Iraq and addressing them in different and creative ways and making visual stories.


Awards  |  Grants  |  Festivals  |  Scholarships 

•  Participant in Nuhat program collaboration with Dhuok international film festival in 2022

• Participant in the Jaou exhibition in Tunis in 2022.

•  Arab Documentary Photography Program, Magnum foundation & the prince Claus  Fund  (PCF) 2022

• Fourth place in the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award, portfolio axis

For the year in the UAE 2020 2019

• Certificate of Appreciation from the Iraqi Society for Photography in the International Step Competition  2020

• Bronze medal presented by the International Federation of Photographers (IAAP) in the annual competition of the Iraqi 

Photographers Association 2021

• Participant in the Baghdad International Exhibition of Black and White Photography  2020

• Participant in Baghdad Press Photography Exhibition  2022

• Published by Tribe magazine for photos of the October Revolution  2021

• Participant in the first talent exhibition at the French Institute in Baghdad  2019